About Our Project

Details and Objectives of the "Art for All" Project

About Our Project

When art’s role as a tool for both freedom of expression and creativity and for social and political expression is considered, contrary to popular belief in society, EMAA believes that art belongs to each individual, neighbourhood, region, in brief, the society at large, beyond an elite community and strives for the reshaping of the relationship between art and society accordingly. Thus, it aims to strengthen active participation in art and communication with art by eliminating social, economic and physical barriers in accessing art.

While Public Art, one of the important components of the project, involves its audience through permanent and temporary works of art, it sometimes aims to reach out to large masses in public spaces and influence them in the production process by involving the audience more frequently as active participants.

The book series, which reflects the socio-cultural diversity of our society with Cypriot art and examples, leaves permanent data for the writing and teaching of art history besides ensuring the liberation of the resources created on art and that art is accessible for the public Furthermore, these open access resources democratize and demilitarize art, making it possible and accessible for all.

Therefore, it ensures the expression of art in daily life by putting pluralistic views, democratic values, diversity, critical ideas and intercultural tolerance forward to improve the quality of life of the Turkish Cypriot community, and makes society more peaceful and more understanding All services and activities of our project have been designed in this context and developed on the basis of pluralistic views, democratic values, diversity, critical ideas, and values of tolerance across cultures.

From the Project Opening

Our Objectives in the Project

It is essential to improve the perception of art in society to increase the financial and organizational capacity of EMAA. At this point, it is very important to understand and construct the society-art relationship correctly. For this reason, as EMAA, we aim to do the following with the “Art for All” project:

  • To improve our capacity and accessibility,
  • To increase the number of active members, volunteers and viewers through visibility activities,
  • To introduce new art/education forms and models to the participants by improving the knowledge and practice of its members,
  • To improve the compliance of individuals with their environment by making expansions in the field of public art,
  • To reach people of all socio-economic and educational levels in all regions and to remove their social, economic and cultural barriers against art,
  • To explain the importance of investing in art to relevant stakeholders (politicians, business people, media, municipalities, universities, etc.).

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