EMAA “Art for All” Project

Public Art Sculpture Residency Program

EMAA Art for All Project calls for artists to apply for the Public Art Sculpture Residency Program with a creative and unique sculpture that they would design for a specific space designated by the project. In collaboration with Nicosia Turkish Municipality, in total six (6) sculpture proposals would be accepted for Dr. Fazıl Küçük community park in Taşkınköy, Nicosia, and the sculptures would be permanently placed upon paying copyrights. During the one-month residency program, the selected artists would work at the designated space with production support.

  • Application Deadline: 12.02.2021
  • Contact: emaa.art.for.all@gmail.com

Application Form

Please download and fill the application form and send it to emaa.art.for.all@gmail.com e-email address together with annexes.

Download Application Form

Required Annexes

1. Objectives and General Information
2. Working Conditions
3. Application and Evaluation Criteria

Download Annexes

Park Plan and Photos

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This is an optional, highly
customizable off canvas area.

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