EMAA “Art for All” Project

Public Art Sculpture Residency Program

EMAA Art for All Project calls for artists to apply for the Public Art Sculpture Residency Program with a creative and unique sculpture that they would design for a specific space designated by the project. In collaboration with Nicosia Turkish Municipality, in total six (6) sculpture proposals would be accepted for Dr. Fazıl Küçük community park in Taşkınköy, Nicosia, and the sculptures would be permanently placed upon paying copyrights. During the one-month residency program, the selected artists would work at the designated space with production support.

  • Application Deadline: 12.04.2021
  • Contact: emaa.art.for.all@gmail.com

Application Form

Please download and fill the application form and send it to emaa.art.for.all@gmail.com e-email address together with annexes.

Download Application Form

Required Annexes

1. Objectives and General Information
2. Working Conditions
3. Application and Evaluation Criteria

Download Annexes

Frequently Asked Questions

How should similar work examples be?

It’s not necessary to have outdoor sculptures as an example, but there should be three-dimensional work examples available.

Is it necessary to graduate from an art school? Are there other departments/disciplines that may be accepted?

Graduating from an art school will naturally be advantageous. However, graduating from schools of art related such as architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, art education etc. is also sufficient.

Should each individual be relevant in collective applications?

It is not necessary, but at least one person must be from the associated fields.

Is this call open for students?

Students studying at art faculties can attend with providing their student documents.

How to provide three-dimensional work examples physically?

They can submit their models and applications by hand through the appointment system until February 12, working hours. It is sufficient for them to reach the 0533 866 29 59 phone for an appointment.

What will be the theme of the art works?

The aim of the “Art for All” project is to raise awareness about pluralist views, democratic values, diversity and intercultural tolerance through art. Therefore, the work is expected to include at least one of these values.

How will the jury evaluate?

The Jury will evaluate based on the 4 basic criterias:

  1. Including any of the elements “pluralist views, democratic values, diversity and intercultural tolerance” which are the basic values of Art for All project and being perceptible and perceivable.
  2. Being creative and unique
  3. Having potential to communicate with the environment and people (physical, emotional or intellectual) far from the mentality of established/traditional sculpture or monument.
  4. Being permanent and applicable, also it will be sought the use of alternative or recycled materials or the availability of materials to be used in the northern part of Cyprus.

The jury will make a selection according to the above evaluation criterias. Each criterion has a value of 25%. In the first round, there will be a controversial elimination, in the last round, the jury will reach a conclusion with the scoring system with a closed jury.

Will there be a Copyright Fee?

Yes there will be. It is determined as 1500 Euros per work.

Park Plan and Photos